Saturday Seminars

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Learn something. Meet people. Have fun.

What are Saturday seminars? Well, they’re not necessarily on Saturdays, and they’re not all necessarily seminars.

So what are they?

They’re fun, informative classes that showcase the talents of our congregation and provide a low-barrier opportunity for friends and neighbours to meet new people.

If you have a talent or a passion that you are willing and excited about teaching and sharing, please contact us.

Please check “Looking Ahead” for upcoming seminars and workshops!
Saturday, September 7th, 1 – 4 pm. Kimchi Community Workshop. Kimchi is a low-calorie, high fiber, and nutrient-packed Korean side dish. Health benefits of kimchi include improved heart health and a healthy digestive system. The wealth of antioxidants in it has healing effects in medical conditions like cancer and diabetes. This flavonoid and probiotic-rich food regulates cholesterol levels and boosts the immune system. Cost: $10.00 for food supplies and material. Please RSVP to Emily Emberson, who will be presenting us with her favorite recipe.